Information site for ANR project HOULE

Main contributors

Mathieu Lagrange, project leader

Webpage: http://anasynth.ircam.fr/home/people/mathieulagrange

Obtained a  Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université Bordeaux I in 2004, currently CNRS researcher working at IRCAM.

Mathias Rossignol, full time contributor

Obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université de Rennes I in 2005, and has worked since on computational linguistics and speech processing, with a focus on machine learning. Currently employed as post-doctoral research fellow for the HOULE project.

Arshia Cont

Webpage: http://imtr.ircam.fr/Arshia_Cont/

Obtained in 2008 a joint Ph.D. in Computer Music and ATIAM (Acoustics, Sig. Proc., and Computer Sci. Applied to Music) from University of Paris 6 (UPMC) and University of California in San Diego. Current position: Research scientist, Ircam
Nicolas Misdariis

Webpage: http://pds.ircam.fr/862.html

Current position: research scientist and software developer.

Axel Roebel

Webpage: http://anasynth.ircam.fr/home/people/axelroebel-fr

Current position: researcher, head of the Analyse/Synthese team at IRCAM